Serve as a Financial Coach

The Summit provides free, confidential, one-on-one financial coaching to the community. Our volunteer financial coaches offer biblically-based coaching sessions to help you learn how to gain control of your personal finances according to God’s plan.

The following are the requirements for anyone who wishes to serve as a volunteer financial coach.

  1. Be a Covenant Member of The Summit Church
  • As representatives of the Summit, members agree to be held accountable to our covenant.
  • Our extensive membership process ensures that members have a clear understanding of the gospel.
  1. Live Out Membership Through Community
  • Members are called to join small groups so they can grow deeper in community. In the same way, we ask that coaches be a part of a small group.
  • This is primarily for the coach’s own benefit and spiritual growth but also because coaches should be inviting others to join small groups for discipleship.
  1. Follow Proper Financial Stewardship Principles
  • Coaches need to be able to articulate how they personally use budgeting and debt-management tools.
  • Coaches must live as examples of generosity through their gifts to the church, charities, and others in need.
  • Potential coaches must be prepared to provide references for themselves regarding these topics (e.g., their spouse, small group leader, fellow Summit members).
  1.   Attend Financial Coaching Ministry Training
  • Training will provide a clear understanding of what the Bible teaches about proper stewardship.
  • Coaches will be trained to discuss not only financial matters but also issues involving the gospel and discipleship.

After the training, our ministry leaders will individually interview each candidate for final approval before they are listed as a financial coach.

It's important to note that if you are interested in serving but are struggling with any of the above topics, we ask that you follow up with us. It's better to have a discussion about a hurdle than to dismiss serving altogether.

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