International Church Planting: Celebrating What God Did in 2016

May 19, 2017

The Summit is continually training and sending out our best to serve in places of great need around the world and in partnership with our long-term workers and church planters on the field. In 2016, we saw God do an amazing work and wanted to share with you just how many people we sent last year.

Long-term (serving for two years or more overseas):

  • 42 individuals sent overseas

  • 32 new church plants overseas

  • 7,080 gospel presentations by Summit members overseas

  • 653 people came to Christ overseas through the ministry of Summit members.

  • 356 people were baptized overseas through the ministry of Summit members.

  • 193 international church plants as of Dec. 31

  • 214 current international church planters/missionaries as of Dec. 31

  • 386 Summit people have been sent overseas long-term as of Dec. 31

Mid-term (serving for one month to two years):

  • 50 people sent on mid-term trips

Short-term (serving for one to two weeks):

  • 460 people sent on 52 short-term trips

  • People we trained for long-term missions:

    • 22 through Deepen Discipleship (10-month training)

    • 70 through monthly cohort

There are even greater days ahead! The question is not if God is calling you to be a part of what he is doing through missions at the Summit; the question is when and how. If you are ready to answer those questions, go to to learn more.