Multiply: Made For This

Aug 10, 2016

An award is intended to recognize the person receiving it.

But Summit member and Heritage High School English and global studies teacher Miles Macleod prefers not to have the attention. In fact, he was nominated multiple times for his school’s teacher-of-the-year honor, but he refused to accept. Finally, this year, he relented when his wife, Erin, pointed out that it could be useful for future opportunities. He went on to be named 2016–2017 Wake County Teacher of the Year.

Miles doesn’t see the award as validation. In a humble spirit, he knows he’s a good teacher. He knows he is a good teacher because that is what the Lord made him for.

“I know I’m a good teacher because God has made me. That is the gift God has given me,” Miles said. “The validation of ‘Teacher of the Year’ doesn’t do anything to change that, only that now, God has given me a platform to pursue Project Wisdom or glorify his name or whatever God has for me to do with it.”

Project Wisdom is an international program focused on learning and service that Miles and Erin founded. They started the nonprofit 10 years ago while living in Ghana, in order to help schools there. After returning to the U.S. and teaching, the Macleods began leading student trips through a revamped version of the program. (Erin is also a counselor at Heritage.) Students are learning what it means to make a difference in the world.

“We’re teaching that if you really want to make a difference, it’s an investment of your time and your learning,” Miles said.

That means making Project Wisdom a two-year program, with a two-week trip in the middle. The learning happens in Ghana, but the service happens here. The relationships are established there, then the participants find ways to serve those people long-term, communicating and meeting their needs from back home.

All of this teaches the students to serve with a heart like Jesus. “You obviously can’t do it in an overtly gospel-centered way, but you can still have a gospel-centered approach,” he said.

So, what’s the ultimate goal for Miles and Erin, Project Wisdom, and their purposes for the Lord?

“Whatever it is you want, God,” was Miles’ answer.

Miles will continue to use his gift of teaching and any awards that come his way for the glory of the Lord and his purposes.

By Mary Moorefield