Pray for Our Brother in Central Asia

Nov 01, 2014

A worker from Summit serving in a difficult place in Central Asia asked that we lift up a local brother …

Jon* has been growing in his faith for some time now.  In accordance with their local custom, Jon, his wife, and their child still live with Jon’s father and mother; however, his father has not yet believed.  Recently Jon’s father discovered him at home studying the Word with other brothers.  After everyone left, Jon’s father confronted him about what they were doing.  Jon explained everything to his father that night, but his father demanded that Jon denounce his new religion at once and come back to Islam.  Jon explained to his father that he could not do that because he now believes Islam is not the way.  At this, Jon’s father slapped him and told him to move his wife and kid out of their house immediately.

Jon told his father he would leave the house but he would not quit being a son to him and his mother; he expressed that he still wanted to have a relationship with them. However, his father told Jon that he is no longer a part of the family because he left Islam.  Nevertheless, Jon told his father, “I may move out and you may disown me, but I love you both and you will always be my mother and father.”  

Jon’s wife has not yet believed, but she is still supportive of him and what he is doing. She continues to study the Word with him and even expressed that perhaps moving out is a good thing because now local sisters can come over and study and pray with them in their new house.  

Jon asked his father not to tell others about this because he does not want it to be a problem for the other brothers who Jon has been studying with. Jon’s father said, “Don’t worry… I won’t tell anyone because I would be ashamed for anyone to ever know that a son of mine has done such a terrible thing.”

Let’s pray together for Jon…

  • …that his father and mother will see God’s love and mercy through their son and his actions.

  • …that Jon and his wife and child will find a place to live that will be good for them and their word.

  • …that Jon’s wife will finally embrace the Truth!

  • …that this will not be a discouragement to Jon or the other local brothers.

  • …that Jon and his wife will draw closer and deeper into the gospel!

*name changed for security purposes.