Christmas with the Summit at DPAC

Jonah (Garner Advent Fellowship Hall)

Garner Campus

Meeting Schedule

Thursday at 6:30 PM

Explore the patience, presence, and provision of an Almighty God. Jonah- a six-week study- will help you find the relevance of the truths in this Old Testament account as you begin to see God's patience in your own life much the same way you see His patience with Jonah. Designed for time-pressed believers who crave depth from their Bible study, making each minute of your time count. Gain new understanding of the Book of Jonah as you let go of the crippling fear of abandonment to grasp the reality of God's faithful provision, perfect plan, and unconditional love for you. Walk away from timid, surface-level obedience, and learn how to boldly and wholeheartedly follow God into whatever eternal purpose He calls you to.