How to Read and Study the Bible for Yourself (On Campus)

Garner Campus

Meeting Schedule

Thursday at 6:30 PM

Nothing else fuels our growth like personally engaging with the Bible. Yet, many people lack the practical tools to confidently study the Bible for themselves. One can attend church for many years, and listen to a lot of teaching, and not learn how to read the Bible for yourself. King David knew (at a very personal level) what it was to go through darkness in life. In Psalm 119, David reveals that the Word is a lamp for when the path of life turned dark. We all need a lamp for dark times. Today, we have a culture with no lamp. Where do we turn when life turns dark? How do we know what next steps to take, or how to get direction in life? Come on this journey with Pastor and author Benjamin Windle as your guide, as he teaches you how to use the Bible as a lamp for every question and challenge life throws at you. You will learn: How to engage in your own personal devotions; Get practical tools and easy to use methods on personal Bible Study; Discover the golden rule of how to interpret the Bible; Ignite a new passion for the Bible and its power to bring about change in your life. Filmed on location in Australia, this 5-session series is not just about giving you a meal for a day, it will teach you how to be a self-feeder for the rest of your life. Get the skills you need (that absolutely anyone can use) to read and apply the Bible in your own life.
Registration for How to Read and Study the Bible for Yourself - Dove Group closed on 5/31/2023.