Claire’s Journey Shows Singles Aren’t Alone in Budget Battles

Sep 09, 2020

When people think of finances, they likely consider that to be a private matter. A husband and wife can talk to each other, but what about when someone is single? Where is the accountability? Where is the encouragement?

Community is a vital aspect of our lives, so receiving support in an area of our lives as important as money should also be vital.

Summit member, Claire, has experienced this as she has walked through seasons of challenge and triumph in her journey of learning to be a good caretaker of the resources God generously provides.

Claire, a working college student who attends the Brier Creek campus, didn’t think she had control over how to steward her finances well, but felt the conviction to do so.

“I wanted to take Financial Peace University to get a framework and receive more accountability, guidance and structure on how to organize my finances and get my debt under control,” she said.

Tackling debt isn’t easy, especially on just one income.

“At first, I was discouraged because a lot of married couples go through the course,” she said. “But I would just remind myself that the Lord was with me and that I wasn’t alone. I could also reach out to the church.”

She sought mentorship on big financial decisions and budget practices from trusted friends, small group members and her FPU leader.

Through the encouragement of others and making wise choices, Claire began “taking ownership” of her finances and even started to save. Despite losing her job during COVID-19, the Lord miraculously provided income through unemployment and stimulus benefits, and she was able to pay off her credit card debt.

Claire also saw the Lord provide through community.

“I also learned to not take on huge ordeals or problems on my own and to invite community to be a part of the journey, to seek out advice and not to believe the lie that I am all by myself through this process.”

Claire noted that while it’s important to have community to share your struggles with, they’re there for the good times as well.

“When I did make big payments, I made sure I was celebrating with my community and letting them know this good thing happened.”

“God has shown me that my situation and my finances are redeemable, where I had thought that my debt was too big and that I’d always be ashamed of it,” she said. “It’s a testimony of God’s faithfulness and love despite my disobedience. He’s shown me that even when I’m not good at stewarding my finances or doing what I need to do, he will still provide for me. He is faithful.”