2015: Celebrating the Past and Looking to the Future

Feb 17, 2016

God makes it clear in the Bible that his people are to look back and reflect on all that he has done in their midst. He constantly tells Israel to remember his acts of grace towards them because his grace in the past is a promise of things to come in the future.

In looking back at all that God did in 2015, The Summit Church has a lot to celebrate, and thus reason to look forward with excitement. God has been faithful once again to glorify his name and change lives.

In 2015, 5,097 people attended The Summit Church for the first time, 562 people made the decision to be baptized, and 881 people gave financially for the first time during the Multiply Initiative. It was a record year and these are only a few of the numbers. However, the numbers are reason to celebrate not because they look good in a spreadsheet or on a chart, but because of the stories they represent. They represent the lives of individual men and women who have been changed by the gospel. They represent men and women who are living on mission to bring the gospel to the Raleigh-Durham area and to the world.  

And while we celebrate what God did in 2015, we also look forward to 2016. There are still people and cities to reach for the gospel, so join The Summit Church as we pray and eagerly await God to pour out more grace this year. Specifically, we as a church are praying that God would increase the evangelistic fervor and effectiveness of its members, that 1,000 people would be baptized, and that there would be an increase in personal engagement in reading the Bible and prayer.

To hear more about what God did in 2015 or to find out where we hope God takes us in 2016 and how you can get involved, check out our 2015 annual report video or read in more detail.